The Pros & Cons Of Using Leaflets In Your Marketing

In recent years more focus has been spent by businesses on their digital marketing strategy. As a result leaflets have become overlooked and often seen as old fashioned and ineffective.

That said, there are many advantages in using leaflets as part of your businesses marketing strategy. When done correctly leaflets are still an effective way to market your business.

This article uncovers some of the pros and cons of leaflet advertising.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Leaflets?

1. Leaflets Can Be Very Cost Effective

For a businesses posting leaflets through people’s doors is a very popular way to promote themselves and their services. The main advantage of using leaflets is the relatively small cost that is needed to produce, print and distribute them in comparison to other forms of marketing. 

Leaflets can easily be designed either by yourself or more professionally through freelance designers. Similarly with printing, most printing methods aren’t too expensive, especially when printing in large quantities. 

2. Leaflets Can Include Lots Of Information

When it comes to producing leaflets they can be filled with as much information as you like in a visually pleasing layout. A leaflet can include general information and imagery about your business, an event or an individual product or service. When it comes to designing your leaflet it is important to find a happy medium between providing all the information you need whilst ensuring it is visually engaging and easy on the eye. 

An effective leaflet should be visually pleasing including imagery and text in an easy to read layout. The content should be focused on the reader, easy to understand, using clear headers and possibly bullet points to help break up the text. 

3. Well Designed Leaflets Are Visually Pleasing

An effective leaflet needs to grab the readers attention, to do this it needs to standout. To make a visually pleasing leaflet you should consider utilising colour, introducing imagery and eye catching headers. 

Leaflets can be flexible to the size and amount of pages needed. This flexibility should allow you to be creative in the design and layout whilst allowing you to include all of the necessary information you need to get across to your readers. 

4. Leaflets Are Easy To Read

The focus of the content on any leaflet should be to get the desired information across as simply and clearly as possible. With any leaflet marketing campaign the content should include the important information of the product or service and the key unique selling poiunts of your company. The easiest way to do this is by using easy to read headers, clear content layouts such as bullet points and a clean accessible font that can be read by everyone.

Remember a flyer is intended to attract customers and make them interested in your business and its services. Therefore the content needs to follow this strategy by making it simple, to the point and easy to understand.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Leaflets?

1. Badly Designed Leaflets Are Thrown Away Once Read

Most likely all leaflets are read once and then disgarded, meaning they lack a long term impact. This needs taking into account when considering whether or not to use them as part of your marketing strategy. 

The short life span of leaflets means that the reader gets a small blast of your brand, but they won’t have a reminder once the leaflet is disposed of. This is why it is important to utilise leaflets as part of a wider marketing strategy of online and offline campaigns. 

One way to help increase the longevity of your leafleting campaign is to grab the readers interest and give them a reason to keep hold of your leaflet. One way to do this is to include an offer or promotion specific to the leaflet campaign to encourage them to not dispose of the leaflet.

2. Leaflets Aren't Always Considered Important

Because leaflets are often distributed through people’s doors they can often be publicising things that they are not interested in. Because of this, most people will discard a leaflet when they recieve one, even without reading it assuming that it is just selling somthing that they are not interested in. The best way to get around this is to create an eye catching leaflet design, engaging content and a promotion or offer. 

Interested In Using Leaflets In Your Marketing Strategy?

When weighing up the pros and cons of using leaflets it is clear that, when used properly, a leaflet campaign can be an affordable and cost effective marketing tool.

When looking at the disadvantages of using leaflets these can easily be overcome with creative design and a well thought out strategy. 

Leaflets have been used by businesses of all sizes as a marketing tool for many years and if you design a great leaflet you can really reap the rewards. If you are interested in utilising the potential of leaflets in your marketing strategy find out more about our freelance leaflet design services or say hello and contact Digital Marketing Consultancy today!


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