The 10 Best Practices For Successful CRO

Making changes to your website can be scary. What if the changes you make have a negative impact on your websites conversions and rankings? These concerns are certainly valid, and if you are not asking yourself these questions then you probably should be! 

Below are ten of the best practices that could help you improve your websites conversion rate. Just consider that every website is different and what generates the best conversion rate for your site can be surprisingly unpredictable.

If you are looking to improve your websites conversion rate, after reading this article, you should be able to make changes to your site with more confidence. 

1. Keep Contact Form Fields Simple

Get rid of any unnecessary form fields. It may be tempting to make your job easier by asking your visitors to fill in more information, but the more fields they have to fill in, the less likely they are to fill it in. 

When creating your contact forms ask yourself, do you need this information?

2. Use Contrasting Colours

When researching best CRO practise you may have seen that red buttons convert better than green ones. This doesn’t mean that you should change all of your buttons to red.

Think more about what colours stand out from your site and test call to actions to find the right colours that work for your website. Consider using a colour that isn’t beeing used anywhereelse on the page so that it stands out well.

3. Scrap Automated Banners & Image Sliders.

You might like the appeal of an automated banner, but most studies into successful CRO find that these can actually reduce a sites conversion rate. Image carousels dont allow users to explore a page in their own pace and can easily distract them from the journey you want them to take.

You could replace these automated banners and carousels with a static banner helping get across your message without distracting visitors away from where you want them to go.

4. Think About Your Call To Action Button Text

Instead of using a message that says send or submit, think about using text that tells the users what they should expect once they click the button. Be creative and experiment.

5. Place CTA's Throughout A Page

When looking at making a page generate more sales or enquieries think about the sales journey of visitors on the page. Try to provide different calls to action at different stages of the journey to help give the right message to your visitors at the right time. 

For example, it may sound simple, but by moving a buy now call to action into a prominant position above the fold of your page can help improve sales from visitors who are looking to make a quick purchase. That said, don’t use too many calls to action on one page, too many can be off putting and have the oposite effect!

6. Show Off Your Testimonials & Reviews

Be proud of all the great feedback you have got from your happy customers! 

Using testimonials and reviews from your customers helps build up trust and shows reliability for potential new ones. Remember, the best testimonials are the ones that do the selling for you. 

7. Show Off Your Awards & Badges

Just like showing off your testimonials and reviews displaying all of your awards and accreditations helps build up trust with your visitors. If your business has reviews on Trustpilot or Feefo displaying these on your site through their widgets helps build trust and can assist in improving conversion rates.

8. Install An SSL Certificates & Think Security

SSL certificates give your site the ‘green padlock’. These security seals can be seen as quite expensive but they help build trust and can assure your customers their credit card details are safe.

9. Use Relevant Imagery

Images on your website are there for more than just filling up space and adding some colour into a wall of content. Images can be used with a purpose to help keep visitors on the journey you want them to take.

10. Use Clear Messaging

Straplines are usually one of the most noticable things on a page and getting this right can really help increase your conversion rate. Use incentives and emphasise your unique selling points telling your visitors why they should use your business and take immediate action.

Want Help To Improve Your CRO?

Ultimately improving your sites conversion rate comes down to improving relevance, clarity, providing fewer distractions and increase urgency. If you consider these elements, and the ten points above in your CRO strategy, you can make changes with more confidence. 

If you are interested in improving your conversion rate find out more about our freelance CRO services or say hello and contact Digital Marketing Consultancy today!

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