Local Search - What Is It & Why It's Important

Local search is an element of search engine optimisation that focuses on getting a website found in local search results. Local search is often underpinned by a geographical strategy with the aim of targeting location based searches such as:

  • plumbers near me
  • chauffeurs near me
  • plumbers in [area name]
  • chauffeurs in [area name]


This article explains why local search is important and three key elements to help you improve your websites visibility in local search results.

So why is local search important?

Having your website visible for local searches is really rewarding, especially for small businesses or bricks and motor premises. Just some of the benefits to successful local search are:

  • Local search helps people discover your business. A lot of local searches are done with a specific service in mind, with local optimisation done right, your business can capture those searches.
  • Your business doesn’t have to have a website to benefit from an effective local search strategy. Local optimisation helps a business stand out with map and Google business listings, helping drive footfall.
  • It is cited that almost two thirds of people making local searches end up contacting the businesses they find. Successful local search provides your details to searchers to allow them to make contact and then you the opportunity to convert them to customers.

How can you improve your local search presence?

Improving local search isn’t too different from improving the seo of a site as a whole. Keyword research, content and linking are still key factors to improve local search engine optimisation. The main difference being the optimisation has a key focus on a geographical location. The below list outlines what you need to focus on to help improve your local search. 

Keyword Research

As mentioned above keyword research for local search isn’t too far apart from keyword research for a sites wider optimisation strategy. If your business is service-oriented, you should consider including keyword variations that include and answer questions. This is a great way of naturally targeting keywords that have local search intent. 

If your business has a service related physical premises, like a restaurant or solicitors, you should look to include keyword variations that are more conversational and informative.

By conducting keyword research along these lines to underpin your local search strategy you will be able to increase local visibility. 


Content with a focal point on a geographic location has a significant impact on the effectiveness of local search optimisation.  Content with local relevancy and knowledge tends to do well with local searches. That said, pages upon pages of content doesn’t always get the best results. 

As with a wider content marketing strategy, success of content supporting local search depends upon the search query and whether the content matches the intent of the search query. It is not about word count. One of the best ways to improve the impact of your content for local search is to write unique, quality content, in tandem with an optimised page structure. 


The most important thing to be aware of with acquiring links is to follow Google guidelines. If you do not, you will run the risk of getting a manual action and loose your sites visibility in search engines. 

As mentioned in the above section like with content, to get the most from links is a matter of quality over quantity. Quality links from the following sites are helpful places to acquire quality links to support local search visibility: 

  • Social media sites.
  • Local business directory websites.
  • Local newspaper websites.
  • Industry-related sites.
  • Local chamber of commerce sites.
Want Help To Improve Your Local Presence?

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