Top Things To Consider When Designing Your Website

Thinking of redesigning your website or preparing to start a new web development project? Before you begin you need to read this article and bare in mind these top five things when designing a website.

1. Determine what you want the website to do and who your target audience is.

Simply put a target audience is the people most likely to be interested in your website. To get an idea of your target audience look at your existing customers, checkout who your competitors are targeting and analyse your offering.

As for your website design, page structure, menu and content all need to be underpinned by what you want the website to do and who your target audience is. As a rule of thumb there are three purposes for a website; 1, Providing information, 2, Generating sales (E commerce) and 3) Generating leads.

Before you begin designing any part of your site it is important that you understand which of these you want the website to do and tailor your design to help your visitors do just that. 

2. Think mobile first! - Or second in this case.

The number of people using mobiles and tablets continues to increase, meaning that more and more people are using these mobile devices to search the web. If that isn’t enough to get you thinking of designing a responsive website then the latest updates to Google’s algorithms will. If you want your website to be seen favourably by the worlds most popular search engines your site must be mobile friendly or it will get punished with poor search results.

3. Get some inspiration and unleash your creativity!

The best place to start finding inspiration for your new website design is simple, take some time and have a good look around at other websites. Create a list of competitors sites, websites of companies in totally different industries, even websites that are the polar opposite of what you want to do. By taking a few minutes to browse different websites you are sure to find things that will guide you in the way you want your website to look, even if you see something you don’t like you will know what not to include in your design! 

However, don’t fall into the trap of copying your competitors website design. At the end of the day your website is a representation of you and your company, do you really want to be just another sheep in the herd? Take this opportunity to make your site stand out and show off all the best things about you and your company!

4. Set aside enough time and give yourself a realistic deadline.

It may sound simple, but we all know how soon time can just slip past without us realising. Before you undertake a new website design project put together a rough timeline and lay down some realistic milestones. This will help to push yourself to stay on track with your deadlines and allow you to spend time on other important things you have to do throughout the duration of the project. That said, ensure that you have everything in your timeline including content, sourcing imagery, testing and for any amends!

5. Be flexible and open to changes.

As with any project the most daunting part can be looking at the blank page and making your first move. But remember, every website that you have ever seen has started with a blank page. So just jump in, see what you create, review what you have done with others and then make any amends. Remember though, a good website always needs to change and improve, whether that is with new content, new features or page restructures. Designing a great website isn’t something that is done once and then left alone, designing a successful website it is an ongoing process. So remember when designing a website be open to changes and amends as long as you remain on track with your milestones and deadlines.

Ready To Start Designing Your Website?

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